Waadookodaading is an Ojibwe medium language school located on the LCO K12 campus as part of the BIE schools.

Academic content is taught through the Ojibwe language and students graduate with high levels of Ojibwe proficiency. The school curriculum is aligned with state and federal content standards but taught through Ojibwe traditional knowledge, values and ways of being. Much instruction occurs outside the classroom — in nearby woodlands, according to the seasons –in fall, wild ricing activities, and in spring, maple sugaring activities, and many others. In the context of purposeful activities, students learn Ojibwe through culturally and environmentally responsive, sustaining, and revitalizing activities that interweave science, history, culture, language, and land and waters stewardship.

There are 59 students in grades K-8.

English Language Arts begins at 4th grade and is taught by an English Language Arts Teacher.

A long-term commitment is essential for children to experience the great benefits an immersion education yields. Parents can support their child in these ways:

  • Make a long-term commitment to immersion.
  • Develop a understanding of immersion education.
  • Provide experiences outside of school to develop English language skills.
  • Encourage the use of the second language outside of school. 
  • Most inportantly, be sure your child attends school every day. 

Attend an open house for Kindergarten. Late enrollment is only allowed if students can demonstrate grade level proficiency.